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Sir Victor Hotel, part of Sircle Collection barcelona



Barcelona, nestled on the northeast coast of Spain, is a city steeped in culture, history, and architectural marvels. As you wander through its streets, the grandeur of Antoni Gaudí’s creations will likely capture your attention. The Sagrada Familia, a colossal basilica with towers reaching towards the sky, stands unfinished yet awe-inspiring, its intricate facades telling biblical tales in stone.

Stroll along Las Ramblas, a bustling tree-lined boulevard, and immerse yourself in the local scene. Street performers, markets, and cafes offer a feast for the senses. Not far from here, you find the Gothic Quarter, where ancient buildings lean over narrow lanes, and every corner tells a story from centuries past.

For a breath of fresh air, head to Park Güell, another of Gaudí’s masterpieces, where serpentine benches, mosaic art, and whimsical structures blend seamlessly with greenery. And don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of Montjuïc, a hill that offers panoramic views of the city and hosts the majestic Montjuïc Castle.

In Barcelona, the experiences are as rich and diverse as the history that paves its streets. Each visit promises new discoveries and enduring memories.


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Hotel Occidental Atenea Mar – Adults Only

Hotel Occidental Atenea Mar is in Barcelona, Spain, positioned by the sea. It offers direct access to Nova Mar Bella beach. This adults-only hotel is designed for guests over 17, providing an adult-oriented stay. Key facilities of the Hotel Occid

Hotel Occidental Atenea Mar – Adults Only barcelona
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Hotel Rec Barcelona – Adults Only

Hotel Rec Barcelona – Adults Only barcelona
Hotel Rec Barcelona, located in the vibrant El Born district of Barcelona, offers a unique stay in one of the city's most historic areas. You will find yourself in close proximity to numerous tourist attractions. Just a short walk away is the Arc de Triomf, a triumphal arch that beckons with its grandeur. For art lovers, the Picasso Museum is nearby, showcasing a vast array of Pablo Picasso's masterpieces. The Gothic Quarter, with its narrow medieval streets, is within easy reach, inviting you to explore. This hotel caters exclusively to adults, ensuring a stay tailored to your needs without the presence of children. The focus is on providing a restful experience for couples or solo travelers. When you enter Hotel Rec Barcelona, the facilities at your disposal include a rooftop pool, which offers stunning views of the cityscape. You can swim or lounge by the poolside, enjoying the Spanish sun. The hotel also boasts a modern fitness center. If you need to stay connected or work during your trip, there's a designated area with computers and internet access. The on-site bar serves a range of drinks, and you can start your day with a breakfast buffet, although note that this may come at an additional cost. In your room, you will have the essentials for comfort and convenience, including a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel's location ensures that public transport options are readily available, making it easy for you to explore further afield. Hotel Rec Barcelona provides a base that combines modern comforts with easy access to the rich tapestry of Barcelona's historical and cultural offerings..
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TWO Hotel Barcelona – Adults Only

TWO Hotel Barcelona – Adults Only barcelona
TWO Hotel Barcelona by Axel stands in the Eixample district of Barcelona, known for its modernist architecture. This hotel caters exclusively to adults, offering a space without the presence of children. You'll find this setting suitable if you're seeking an adults-only experience. The hotel provides several key facilities to enhance your stay. The rooftop features a sky bar and a pool, granting you the opportunity to unwind with a swim or a drink while enjoying views of the city. Inside, a fitness center is available for your daily workout routines. For your dining needs, the on-site restaurant serves a variety of meals throughout the day. Regarding location, TWO Hotel Barcelona is well-situated for exploring the city's attractions. You are a short distance from some of Barcelona's famous sights. The historic and vibrant Las Ramblas, a street known for its shops and street performers, is just a walk away. For those interested in art and architecture, the stunning Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí is also within reach. Additionally, the Gothic Quarter, with its winding streets and historic charm, is easily accessible. Traveling around Barcelona from the hotel is straightforward. You can use nearby public transport links to navigate the city or opt to walk to many of the central attractions. In summary, TWO Hotel Barcelona by Axel offers an adults-only stay in the heart of Barcelona. You have access to essential amenities like a rooftop pool, fitness center, and an on-site restaurant. Plus, with its prime location, you can easily visit many of Barcelona's famed tourist spots.
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Axel Hotel Barcelona & Urban Spa – Adults Only

Axel Hotel Barcelona & Urban Spa – Adults Only barcelona
Axel Hotel Barcelona & Urban Spa places you right in the dynamic Eixample district, a bustling hub in the city. This hotel is for adults only, offering a specialized experience. Key facilities at your disposal include a fitness center for your workouts and a spa for relaxation. The rooftop features a swimming pool and bar, perfect for a refreshing dip or a drink. Each room in the hotel provides modern amenities to enhance your comfort. You benefit from free Wi-Fi, staying connected during your trip. The hotel boasts an on-site restaurant for your meals and a lounge bar for evening leisure. You're positioned close to celebrated architectural marvels like Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. Both are just a walk away. Las Ramblas, with its vibrant street life and markets, is also within easy reach. The local nightlife is a stone's throw from the hotel, putting you in the center of Barcelona's energetic evenings. For travel across the city, the metro offers fast and convenient access. At Axel Hotel Barcelona, you're in the heart of the action. From cultural landmarks to the buzz of the city, Axel Hotel Barcelona & Urban Spa is your gateway to all that Barcelona has to offer.
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The Wittmore – Adults Only

The Wittmore – Adults Only barcelona
The Wittmore is an adults-only hotel located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain. This area serves as the historical center of the city, brimming with narrow medieval streets. The hotel stands out for its exclusive feel, ensuring guests enjoy a stay without the presence of children. The hotel offers several key facilities. You have access to a restaurant that serves a variety of dishes, a bar for evening drinks, and a rooftop terrace, where you can take in views of the city. A wellness center is also available for guests looking to relax and rejuvenate. Regarding accommodations, The Wittmore provides well-equipped rooms with modern amenities, including Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and room service. Additionally, a 24-hour front desk is always ready to assist with your needs. Situated in the heart of Barcelona, you are close to many popular tourist attractions. For instance, The Wittmore is just a short walk from the Picasso Museum, which houses one of the most extensive collections of artworks by the 20th-century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Also, Barcelona Cathedral and the famous Las Ramblas street are nearby. Here, you can explore local shops, cafes, and street performers. If you seek a blend of cultural immersion and leisure, the hotel's location offers easy access to Barcelona's beaches. A quick drive or public transport ride will take you to the sands and Mediterranean Sea. In summary, The Wittmore provides an exclusive, adults-only base from which to explore Barcelona’s rich history, art, and urban life. You can enjoy the comfort of modern amenities within the charm of the Gothic Quarter, all while being steps away from some of the city's most celebrated attractions.
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Aqua Hotel Silhouette & Spa – Adults Only

Aqua Hotel Silhouette & Spa – Adults Only barcelona
The Aqua Hotel Silhouette & Spa, located in the coastal town of Malgrat de Mar near Barcelona, caters exclusively to adults. You find this hotel set away from the city's hustle, offering a serene retreat. It's close to the Malgrat de Mar Beach, within walking distance, so you can easily enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. At the hotel, you have access to a range of facilities. A standout feature is the outdoor pool, where you can swim or relax on the surrounding sun loungers. There's also a spa, which offers various treatments and a chance to unwind in the sauna or Turkish bath. For fitness enthusiasts, the gym is well-equipped for your workout needs. Dining options include a buffet restaurant that serves an array of international dishes. You also have a bar for evening drinks and socializing. Moreover, the hotel organizes entertainment, providing you with options to enjoy your nights without leaving the premises. If you plan to explore, you find the hotel conveniently located. The train station is not far, connecting you to Barcelona's city center where you can visit famous tourist attractions like the Sagrada Familia and the Gothic Quarter. For a local experience, the Parc Francesc Macia, one of the area's largest parks, is nearby. Remember, as an adults-only hotel, the Aqua Hotel Silhouette & Spa ensures a stay without the presence of children. This detail makes it a potential choice for those seeking a more mature environment. Whether you spend your time within the hotel or venture out, you have various options to make the most of your stay near Barcelona.
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Hotel ALEGRIA Mar Mediterrania – Adults Only

Hotel ALEGRIA Mar Mediterrania – Adults Only barcelona
Hotel ALEGRIA Mar Mediterrania sits in Santa Susanna, a coastal town near Barcelona, Spain. This adults-only hotel offers a focused setting for relaxation and enjoyment without the usual family-style facilities. You'll find it right on the beachfront, providing direct access to the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel boasts several essential facilities. You have a wellness center for health and rejuvenation, complete with a sauna and a spa. If you prefer activity, a gym is available. For dining, the hotel provides a buffet restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines. A bar also exists on-site, where you can enjoy evening drinks. In terms of accommodations, the hotel offers rooms with balconies, many with views of the sea. You get free Wi-Fi throughout the property, ensuring you stay connected. An outdoor pool awaits if you prefer freshwater swims. Outside the hotel, you find Santa Susanna close to several tourist attractions. You can explore the Montnegre i el Corredor Natural Park, a short drive away, for trails and natural landscapes. For cultural experiences, the nearby town of Malgrat de Mar features historical sites and local shopping. Remember, Barcelona city center is not within walking distance. However, it's accessible by train or car, allowing you to visit iconic sites such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and the bustling Las Ramblas. The train ride offers a scenic route along the coast, adding to your experience. Hotel ALEGRIA Mar Mediterrania serves as an adults-only hub for visitors seeking a beachside stay close to Barcelona's charm, with the added convenience of nearby attractions for those looking to venture beyond the sand and sea.
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H·TOP Amaika – Adults Only

H·TOP Amaika – Adults Only barcelona
H·TOP Amaika sits in Calella, a coastal town near Barcelona, not directly in the bustling city itself. You find it a short walk from the beach, making it a convenient spot for seaside lovers. The hotel offers a range of facilities. You can enjoy a large outdoor swimming pool, ideal for a swim on a sunny day. For meals, the on-site buffet restaurant serves a variety of local and international dishes. You stay active with the hotel's fitness center or unwind in the sauna. The hotel includes an entertainment program that keeps you engaged during your stay. The rooms come with balconies, air conditioning, and satellite TV, ensuring comfort and connectivity. For sightseeing, the Dalmau Park is nearby, offering a green retreat with walking paths and playgrounds. If you seek cultural experiences, the Calella Lighthouse stands a short distance away, providing panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast. As for shopping and local life, the town's main shopping street is just around the corner from H·TOP Amaika. Here, you encounter an array of shops, bars, and restaurants. The train station is also within walking distance, granting you access to Barcelona's city center and its many attractions, such as the Sagrada Familia and the Gothic Quarter.
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Sir Victor Hotel, part of Sircle Collection

Sir Victor Hotel, part of Sircle Collection barcelona
Hotel Sir Victor sits in the heart of Barcelona, in the vibrant Eixample district. This area is known for its architecture and proximity to key attractions. Just steps away, you find the iconic La Pedrera and Casa Batlló, masterpieces by Antoni Gaudí. The famous Las Ramblas is also within walking distance, offering a lively scene of shops and street performers. The hotel provides an array of facilities to cater to your needs. You have access to a rooftop pool, offering views of the city skyline. For wellness and relaxation, the hotel features a spa, complete with a sauna and treatment rooms. Fitness enthusiasts can use the gym, equipped with modern exercise machines. Food options at Hotel Sir Victor include a restaurant that serves a variety of dishes, ensuring you can find something to enjoy without leaving the property. There is also a bar where you can grab a drink after a day of sightseeing. For business travelers, the hotel offers meeting rooms with the necessary equipment for conferences or presentations. Additionally, the hotel boasts a library, where you can sit and read or work in a more casual setting. Rooms at Hotel Sir Victor cater to a range of preferences, from standard to suites. Each room comes with Wi-Fi, ensuring you stay connected throughout your visit. The hotel does not exclusively cater to adults, welcoming guests of all ages. This makes it suitable whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or with family. Overall, Hotel Sir Victor offers a strategic location with comfortable facilities for both leisure and business. Its central location allows you to explore Barcelona's prime spots easily and enhances your experience in the city.
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Hotel Amaraigua – Adults Only

Hotel Amaraigua – Adults Only barcelona
Hotel Amaraigua sits in Malgrat de Mar, on the outskirts of Barcelona, right against the Mediterranean shore. It is an adults-only establishment, catering specifically to guests over the age of 16. You'll find this hotel directly on the beach, providing you with direct access to the sea. When you stay here, you have several facilities at your disposal. The hotel boasts an outdoor swimming pool, complete with a sun terrace for you to enjoy the Spanish sun. You also have access to a fitness center for your exercise needs. Moreover, the hotel offers a buffet restaurant that serves a variety of local and international dishes. For your convenience, the rooms come equipped with essential amenities, including air conditioning, a private bathroom, and a balcony in most rooms. You will also find a 24-hour reception ready to assist with any inquiries or needs. You're not far from popular tourist attractions. The bustling city center of Barcelona is just an hour away by train. There, you can explore famous sites such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Las Ramblas. Closer to the hotel, you can visit the Marineland or the Pinya de Rosa Botanical Garden, both within a short drive. The hotel also provides entertainment options. They organize live shows and have a games room. If you prefer outdoor activities, the surrounding area offers you the chance to try water sports or to explore the coastal walking paths. In summary, Hotel Amaraigua offers you a range of facilities and a convenient location for exploring the sights near Barcelona. With adult-only accommodation, it ensures a stay tailored to adult preferences and schedules.


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Ibersol Antemare – Adults Only

Ibersol Antemare – Adults Only barcelona


  • What are the best things to do in Barcelona for an adult only trip?
  • Barcelona beckons adults with its captivating blend of art, culture, and vibrant nightlife. Begin at Gaudi’s masterpiece, Sagrada Familia, followed by a stroll down the iconic La Rambla for eclectic street performances and boutiques. Dive into the city’s artistic soul at the Picasso Museum and marvel at contemporary art in El Raval. Indulge in Catalan cuisine at hidden gems like El Xampanyet. As night falls, experience the electric energy of Poble Sec’s tapas bars or immerse yourself in the chic ambiance of beachfront clubs like Opium or CDLC. Barcelona’s adult-only allure lies in its dynamic fusion of history, art, and pulsating nightlife.