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Relaxing vacations

You usually go on holiday to relax. For example by reading a book by the pool. Others just want to take a nap in the sun. Or maybe it’s time to share some quality time with your other half. In these cases you are not waiting for screaming and yelling children around you.

No children around you for a moment

Children are great. You may even have children yourself. But sometimes it is also nice to go out without children, to have time for each other as a couple. If you have left your own children behind in a safe environment, then you do not want to be bothered by the children of others. Then you might as well have brought your own.

Children just want to have fun

Children just have a different idea of vacation. Great, we have all been children. And we all know that vacation is the time to have as much fun as possible until you drop. This causes a lot of noise, we all know that as well. There are plenty of hotels that are completely prepared for children, with entertainment and all.

Well-behaved children

And of course there are not only children who just want to have fun in a normal way. There are also children of parents who think that they also have a vacation from their children and do not impose any restrictions. That sometimes leads to unguided projectiles who can be unpolite as well. If you say something about their behaviour in a civilised way, you will get a big mouth. Of course you don’t feel like it during your well-deserved vacation.

Hotels for adults only

In response to this, there are more and more adults-only hotels. Excellent hotels, from simple to luxurious, where only adults come. They often add a minimum age in the rules, from 16 years or 18 years, so that everyone has the vacation he or she wants. Children happy, because they have no people around who complain about their behavior, and adults happy who can enjoy the facilities of the hotel in peace.

Preventing annoyances

Yet the adults only concept is not understood by many parents. For example, it is stated on social media that they are anti-social people who have forgotten that they themselves were children once. Nothing is less true. The point is that everyone has the right to spend their holidays the way you want. You do not want to bother your fellow holiday makers. And you don’t want to be bothered either. However you can be bothered by many things. And many surveys show that screaming children are in the top 5 of the biggest annoyances on vacation. If we can prevent this annoyance in this way, everyone will benefit after all.

Adults Only Hotels

You will be surprised by the number of adults-only hotels that already exist. And that number is only increasing. In tourism you will also have to distinguish yourself as a hotel to appeal to a special target groups. And when it comes to adults only, more and more people are discovering this and afterwars they don’t want anyhing else. We have made a top 10 of the best hotels at different destinations. We have started with 12 destinations and this number will increase rapidly. Do you have a destination that you are interested in? Let us know and we will put this destination at the top of our list for following destinations.


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